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Had such a good time for my first class, definitely going to be coming back :)

Susan Tse

Excellent first session. Coco was a great teacher we had fun and I can already feel the aches just a few hours later. I would highly recommend this Class.X

Sheri Lawrence 

Every session is so much fun, I never want to leave. I feel so much toned and healthier since I have been attending. My confidence now knows no bounds. I can't actually believe how much it's grown!!!

Stacy Dooley

I had my first class recently with two of my friends, absolutely loved it! Signed up for another 5 sessions.


Went for a taster class with two f my co workers and absolutely loved it! Straight away told my best friend about it and we plan to start after my New York Trip. Thanks Coco!

Alexandria Rhoden

Firstly the teacher is amazingly calm and collected, experienced and encouraging. I have wanted to learn pole for a long time now and for what I have learnt in a number of weeks, since starting, is absolutely astonishing. If I doubt myself or if anyone doubts themselves Miss Coco Brown has some very encouraging, confident and proactive words for you. She is very patient. Oh it has helped me with my upper body and core strength, if I could do it every single day, I would, twice!! I absolutely love pole and my teacher. Great! Great! Great! 

Davinia Wigan-Seville

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